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Town Hall Recording

The Vinequity town hall is an opportunity for the founding members and partners to share vital programming information and successes. It also informs and benefits those who are curious and may be interested in applying for a mentorship position or scholarship.

Watch the October 3, 2022 town hall recording below!

If you or someone you know identifies as BIPOC, and is interested in pursuing or advancing a career in wine, beer, and or spirits, take a look at our mentorship, scholarship and Drinkclusion partnership links.


Vinequity is a Canadian, registered non-profit that aims to ensure that people who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour (including BIPOC people who identify as LGBTQ+ or are living with a disability) that work in all aspects of the wine industry are given equitable treatment and opportunities to access, grow and thrive as visible leaders in the Canadian Wine Industry



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