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Vinequity aims to ensure that people who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour (including BIPOC people who identify as LGBTQ+ or are living with a disability) that work in all aspects of the wine industry are given equitable treatment and opportunities to access, grow and thrive as visible leaders in the Canadian Wine Industry


Increase the Visibility of diverse wine professionals through our directory which highlights qualified professionals to potential employers and provides organic opportunities for mentorship and community building.


Advocate for Broad Representation and fair work practices for the BIPOC, LGBTQ and disability community in all facets of the wine industry, from the vineyard to the restaurant floor, through the sharing of existing resources and best practices.

Increase Access to Wine Education by working with our industry partners to provide scholarships to wine education certifications, viticultural training and professional development

Founding Team

Nupur Gogia

Nupur Gogia is a level 4 WSET Diploma Graduate and is currently in Stage 2 of the Masters of Wine ...

Carrie Rau

Carrie Rau is a proud Cree/food and wine professional living and working in Toronto, Ontario. She is a ...

Nabilah Rawji

Nabilah Rawji is the former Wine Director of Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto, and is accredited through the ...

Debbie Shing

Debbie Shing (she/her) is a WSET Level 4 Diploma graduate and Certified WSET Instructor with  ... 

Chanile Vines

Chanile Vines is the founder of Vinesplay, a wine club and importing firm. Praised as a  ...

BC Bubble.jpeg

Beverly Crandon

Beverly Crandon is a current CMS certified sommelier candidate, wine lover, and a marketing ...


Olivia Siu

Olivia Siu is a WSET Level 4 Diploma candidate, consultant and content creator at Crazy Wine Asian, ... 

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