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Kirtana Angara

A Wine Marketing and Hospitality professional continuing my exploration of the wine world. I started my work-life in the hospitality industry, in F&B, and fell in love with wine almost immediately. My interest and curiosity grew into a passion that led me to Bordeaux where I delved into the world of wine through a Wine Marketing MBA. I am currently enrolled at IWEG for WSET's Award in Wine while focusing on gathering relevant experiences in the industry. With a creative mind and my passion for wine, I look forward to connecting, sharing and working with fellow vino lovers.

Cheers to exciting new journeys, colleagues and friends with good times & great wine!

Christian Edejer

I currently work in Marketing for a travel company that specializes in trips for seasoned world travellers, crafted by other world travellers. These are pretty incredible journeys that rely on a network of local experts in specific areas that strongly resonate with our high net-worth clients, including food and wine.

Previously, I spent the better part of a decade at global and independent Advertising agencies working on accounts such as Constellation Brands, Arterra Wines, and LCBO. This means I’m familiar with AGCO standards, but honestly, am way more into J-Ro’s ‘Wine Grapes’ and ‘World Atlas of Wine’ for a good read.

I consider myself very lucky in that I’m currently able to work from home during the pandemic. Like many of you, I've spent much of 2020 in self-reflection and I've chosen to finally pursue a personal and ever-growing passion, not an upward career trajectory. While my experience has taught me to speak about wine’s emotional consumer benefits, I intend to use my WSET studies to round out and formalize my knowledge. One of my 2021 goals is to finally launch a brand that will allow me to develop wine content that’s meaningful to my community and in a way that’s uniquely mine.

Samantha Flores

Originally from Mexico City and raised in Toronto. I recently graduated with honors from the Special Events Program at George Brown College where I had an introduction to wine class that intrigued and resonated with me. It sparked an interest that left me wanting to learn more about the industry. During the course of my studies, I had the opportunity to journey back home where I discovered that Mexico has a vibrant wine culture, rich with history. This inspired me to gain further knowledge about unique wines and to showcase my heritage.

Baula Boktor

After years of working in the Craft Beer scene in Ontario, I decided to shift my attention and focus into Wine. I was kindly provided the opportunity to complete my first harvest in Kelowna in the fall of 2020.

Alec Merkt-Caprile

Currently rekindling a multi-tiered business that now includes an agency, in addition to events, consulting, and education.
Past experience includes: wine director, sommelier, working & volunteering as a wine judge, educator/ trained instructor with George Brown College, Fine Vintage, and IWEG Academy, product specialist and Spirits Advocate with LCBO, brand ambassador, assistant general manager for a local winery, board member with Ontario Wine Society, and more.

Alec is currently a Stage 2 Master of Wine student, candidate for CWE and CSE, and has put CMS Advanced on hold ad interim (largely due to finances). He has earned the highest grade in the world on numerous beverage alcohol accreditations, and has taken courses and masterclasses across Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Peru, USA, and UK.

Janaya Thomas

I am a change management consultant based in the GTA and a WSET level 1 candidate. I realized my passion for wine as I would always buy a bottle of wine to celebrate momentous occasions with friends or family! Or I would always bring wine to a gathering with friends (pre-COVID). And from there I realized there was so much to learn and I wanted to explore more winemakers from across the world. I'm hoping to enter the wine industry as a distributor and looking forward to joining this network to learn more from everyone who's apart of it!

Dhira Roy

Moved to Canada back in 2017, pursued WSET level 2 as a hobby. In 3 years, climbed up the ranks in hospitality, from F&B admin to opening a wine bar & a coffee bar as General Manager at Pearson International Airport, thanks to the WSET wine education at IWEG in Toronto. Currently using the pandemic time as an opportunity to pursue DipWSET and I'm thankful to IWC (International Wine Challenge) for the part scholarship towards the education.

Natasha Pratt

-10 years in the restaurant industry.
-there's no grape that i won't drink.

Leo Nguyen

Hi there, my name is Leo Nguyen, i am 22 years old.
I am a student of wine with WSET level 2 certificate and multiple others wine tasting certificates. My goal was to study and focus study on pursue the Certified Sommerlier exam and WSET level 3 in 2020. However, there were many changes in my plans according to the situation, there fore i decided to stay at home and do self study by reading book and virtual wine tasting with friends.
I work at Richmond station as a support then move up to server and learning bartending as well. Ryan, who is one of the owners of the restaurant, is well aware of my passion with wine and he has a great affect and inspire me to move forward with my studies. He also organize many wine tasting practice for us to join, it was a great opportunity to learn by tasting wines because we have access to huge resources.
I want to appy for a scholarship to achieve WSET 3, which is my next goal. It would help me tremendously in my career path working in restaurants in the future.

Jeffrey Lau

Jeff Lau has worked in the hospitality industry since he was a a teenager, and continued working at restaurants and hotels through out his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Guelph. After graduating, he started working at an Italian restaurant in Toronto where he fell in love with all things Italian, especially food and wine. He found like-minded peers who encouraged him to pursuit a career in wine which led him to complete the WSET level 2 & 3 program and consequently a sommelier certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Jeff Lau has found inspiration from travelling to different wine regions, talking to wine makers and wine growers, sharing his passion for food, wine and culture. He is currently the sommelier and assistant general manager at Constantine, where he curates and oversees the beverage program.

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