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Vinequity Partners with Drinkclusion to Expand Opportunity in all Beverage and Alcohol Sectors

Vinequity is excited to announce its new partnership with Drinkclusion, a Drinks Ontario organization formed to increase diversity, equality, and inclusion in the beverage and alcohol industry.

To date, Vinequity has worked energetically to support BIPOC persons in wine and has done so through providing $25,000 in scholarship funds and mentorship. With the Drinkclusion partnership, BIPOC persons in all aspects of the beverage and alcohol industry (RTD, spirits, beer, and wine) will have access to scholarship funding and mentorship, and all managed through Vinequity.

We recognize our Vinequity community beams full of talented people passionate about all aspects of the industry, and this latest partnership with Drinkclusion supports that fact.

Read more about Drinkcluson here.

About Drinks Ontario

Drinks Ontario is the leading advocate for agents and associations in the beverage alcohol industry; a membership-based provincial trade association representing manufacturers, agents, marketing groups and trade offices in Ontario.



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