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Margaret Hobbs

Managing Partner, Buyers+Cellars

Once upon a time...I left a corporate career in Human Resources and Banking to join my father in his fledgling wine business. We worked with small, family-owned wineries from around the world and sold, primarily, to restaurants throughout Ontario. After almost 20 years in operation, we had become one of the largest LCBO Consignment agencies in the province and had an expanded portfolio of beer, cider, RTD and spirits that we sold through every LCBO distribution channel and retail program available at the time. In 2018, after leaving the company that bore my family name, I joined a start-up wine agency, Buyers+Cellars. We focus on direct-to consumer and on-premise sales and, in three short years, we have become a Tier 1 agent in the LCBO Consignment Warehouse Program. I am hoping to share my experiences, insights and mistakes made along the way to help the next generation of agency owner/operators.

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