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Paula Oreskovich

Communications Director/Brand Strategist
California Wine Institute/Napa Valley Vintners Canada
Principal, Energy Plus Communications

Paula has enjoyed a dynamic and thrilling 27-year career working in the California wine business throughout Canada and has worked with the California Wine Institute and Napa Valley Vintners as their Canadian representative for the past 27+years.

In her role as Communications Director and Strategist, she works closely with liquor boards, media, sommeliers, trade and key influencer groups to raise the profile and further enhance both California's and Napa Valley's incredible reputation as the world's most iconic wine region. 

Paula's passion for California, its people, the industry and her sheer love for all things California  shines through in everything she does. She considers it a true privilege to represent California throughout Canada and is proud of how far the California/Napa Valley industry has come over the past three decades. She attributes that success to the vision, commitment, energy and dedication of all. those vintners who have embraced and believed in the Canadian market.

Although Paula loves her country, she considers herself a misplaced Canadian and is dreaming of the day when she can live in the Golden State and no longer has to suffer through cold Canadian
winters. She is a true Californian in her dreams - as she often says enthusiastically, "It's the greatest place on earth!"

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