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Tune Into the Conversation and Learn - Vinequity Edition

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The conversation on Diversity in the wine industry has steadily grown and has been evolving. Check out some of the recent conversations and resources we've been engaging with.

As we all traverse the unmistaken awareness that international action against racism has brought to all walks of life, these conversations in the wine industry are not only fundamental, but are key to ensuring the cause that rallied us together in the first place remains top of mind.

First a quick look at how the Canadian sommunity is diversifying.  

Vinica Education Society

Vinica Education Society is founded and based in British Columbia by a group of passionate wine professionals including winemaker Karnail Singh Sidhu. They are developing Agri-Diversity education and mentorship opportunities in partnership with leading wineries from B.C and the provincial Ministry of Agriculture. Follow them on Instagram at to learn more.

Femmes du Vin – Harvest Seminars 2020

Femmes du Vin is going digital and taking a global view this year as it spotlights Diversity, Fair Labor and Women in Executive roles across the wine industry. With panels running every Monday from September 28th to November 2nd there are plenty of opportunities to engage and learn. Check out their Instagram linktree @Femmesduvin for the link to sign up.

CAPS Ontario Diversity Committee

The Ontario chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers is teaming up with other regional chapters to lead the charge on making their programming, resources and organization more inclusive. A diversity committee has been formed to guide the work and they are seeking BIPOC, LGBTQ+ members of the Canadian wine community to join. Contact them at if you are interested to learn more and join.

Our neighboring sommunity in the States have been having some great conversations around diversity in wine. Here are some highlights

Wheeling Forward – Resetting the Table: A Candid Discussion about Diversity and Inclusion

Grab a glass of wine and settle in to listen to Marquita Levy, Zwann Grays, Kilolo St. Robert and Jackie Summers chat about their experiences navigating hospitality as Black wine professionals. The panel shares their insights on how the wine community can move forward in a truly inclusive way that avoids the pitfalls of tokenism.   

Will Peischel – Mother Jones magazine spotlights Black Winemakers in California

Will Peischel speaks with Black winemakers in California who are working hard to bring more diversity to the ranks of California winemakers. They discuss the obstacles encountered not only in seeing students of color enter viticultural trainings but gaining acceptance of local business communities in wine producing regions of the state.

Elaine Chukan Brown in conversation with Eric Crane of Somm Foundation

Tune in to this Instagram Live chat to hear Elaine Chukan Brown share some insights into what it takes to be a successful wine writer with a distinctive voice. Elaine and Eric also discuss the ways that racism plays out in the wine industry and break down the three layers of racism that are often in play; Personal, Institutional, and Structural.

Miguel de Leon -  contemplates what it means to make wine in this cultural moment

The wine industry is deep in reflecting on the very soul of what wine is, how it is enjoyed and who gets to enjoy it. Miguel de Leon poses some thoughtful questions on the matter.  

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