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Pelee Island Winery the Latest Vinequity Partner

Vinequity is delighted to announce that Pelee Island Winery has joined our team of corporate sponsors with a view to a long-term partnership.

The Vinequity, Pelee Island Winery relationship will kick off in October with a series of events and shared media experiences:

  1. Check out the Pelee Island Winery blog for specially authored posts about Vinequity and equality in wine.

  2. Every Tuesday in October, check out the Pelee Island Winery Instagram account to catch the Vinequity take over.

  3. Are you interested in ordering wine online from Pelee Island Winery? Well, know now that for the month of October, you will have the option to add a donation for Vinequity at checkout. See how your donation dollars go to work here.

  4. Are you visiting the Pelee Island Winery tasting room? You'll have the opportunity to donate to Vinequity there too!

Aside from the initiatives above, Vinequity and Pelee Island Winery are working on directly impactful job skill initiatives for Vinequity members that we cannot wait to share with you all, but for now, please join us in welcoming Pelee Island Winery aboard!

About Pelee Island Winery

The Pelee Island Winery home is a 700+ acre vineyard in Canada’s warmest grape-growing region, with a winemaking history dating back more than 150 years.

Surrounded by Lake Erie, Pelee Island is reliant upon a thriving Great Lakes ecosystem in order to sustain a viable future for their community.

The company's growth and success is attributed to both their business model and the quality character of their people.



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