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Meet Vinequity Member: Shagun Dabral

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Q: Tell the wine world about yourself in two sentences.

  1. A wine and food lover. CAPS certified Sommelier. Board member and Digital Director at CAPS. Wine consultant.

  2. Wine student for life, always learning and finding my way in the wine world

Q. Why wine?

Wine intrigues me. It is always evolving and is packed with so much history, passion, stories and hard work.

Q. Tell us about your favourite reference book?

The World Atlas of Wine.

Q: If you were a wine grape, what would that be, and why?

I’d be Nebbiolo. I’ve always loved Italian food and wines, and when I travelled to Italy, I fell in love even more! Barolo was an eye-opener for me. I loved how such a delicate wine had so much power and structure. So perfumed and pale in colour but can still take the biggies of the world head-on. It’s a solid wine, matches my personality ;) And with changing times and techniques, it’s becoming more and more versatile too!

Q. Looking into your crystal ball, what is the great change you would like to see in the wine industry?

I’d like to see more and more diversity and inclusion. Being in the industry so far, I’ve come across people who still have preconceived notions/judgements about people from different backgrounds being interested in wine. A more open-minded approach would do wonders for our industry, with the world becoming smaller and more global.

Q: If there is one wine you can drink for the rest of time, what would it be? Feel free to be as broad or as specific about your choice.

Why drink one when there are a plethora of choices?!? I couldn’t imagine drinking just one type. I want them all! I do have some seasonal go-to favourites, but I love to try new wines all the time. I’m as open-minded about wines, as I am about people.



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