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Meet The Mentors

Christopher Sealy, Sommelier

Vinequity is delighted to announce that Christopher Sealy, voted Canada’s Best Sommelier 2019, will be joining the Vinequity Mentorship Program.  

Sealy is a certified Sommelier from CAPS and in the Court of Master Sommeliers. Over the past 15 years, he has had the privilege to travel to numerous wine regions, exploring and studying different wine cultures, getting to know the winemakers, and the factors that make them unique. This culture and ‘people first’ approach to wine has enabled him to make wine not just a learning experience for all he encounters, but also an affable and relishable one.  

Sealy has been instrumental in building full wine and beverage programs, and he has also held several posts in Management. What's more, he has instructed on wine education and built and opened a wine bar. Currently, he is the Wine Director at one of Canada's top fine dining restaurants. 

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Please join us in toasting Christopher Sealy’s donation of time, energy, and wine knowledge as he partners with the Vinequity Mentorship Program. 

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