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Meet The Mentors

Justyn Szymczyk

Usual Wines  / VINEBOX

Justyn has spent the better part of his 15 years in the wine industry focused on finding solutions to the greatest of all pains for wine consumers - "what should I buy"? Answering this question for wine shoppers has driven him to found a flash sales site (kwäf), acquired in 2018. It’s led him to launch an online wine service dedicated entirely to wine gifting (GiveWine), and to build a curated wine subscription service with a leading Toronto media property (Toronto Life Wine Club), acquired in 2019.  Currently, he is the Head of Innovation with Bay Area, venture-backed startup VINEBOX who's patented 'fractioning' technology has the potential to be the breakthrough solution to this consumer pain - taste wine samples from the comfort of your home.

Justyn sits on the Board of Advisors of on-demand delivery company Runner, and his 10 year old's not-for-profit dog popsicle business (@CoolPupTO).

Justyn holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Queen's University which he puts to good use in building epic pillow forts with his daughter. 

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